Überprüfen Sie Ihren Rasierer?

hq6695-kleinOur double ring foils & cutters fits in the most older Philishave, Norelco, 
Izumi and Carrera models. Give you shaver a second life!
Look in listing below if your model is mentioned!
If your model is not on the listing below, please send us an email.
The replacement number four your shaver are mostly printed in hair-chamber,
or see your manual or check the Internet!




Replacement/alternative for: SH50, SH70, SH90

Product Description

Alternative Shaving Heads which fits in Philips / Norelco shavers series SH50xx, SH70xx & SH90xx. Including 3 shaving heads/cutters.

Do not mix foil/cutter and do not mix with Philips cutters.

ps. This is not a Philips or Norelco genuine product.

5000 Series:
S5100 S5110 S5130 S5140 S5150 S5310 S5320 S5340 S5510 S5520

7000 Series:
S7310 S7370 S7510 S7530 S7710 S7780

9000 Series:
S9031 S9041 S9090 S9111 S9161 S9112 S9151 S9161 S9171 S9111 S9521 S9511 S9711


SH50-SH70-SH90-Front-side-packaging - Kopie SH50-SH70-SH90-Back-side-packaging - Kopie

Replacement/alternative for: RQ11

RQ11-frontside RQ11-4

Product Description

Alternative Shaving Unit (holder) which fits in Philips / Norelco shaver’s series RQ11xx.

RQ1131 RQ1150, RQ1160, RQ1170, RQ1175 RQ1180 RQ1195. Including 3 shaving heads/cutters.

Do not mix cutter and do not mix with Philips cutters.

ps. This is not a Philips or Norelco genuine product.

Replacement/alternative for: RQ12 RQ10 & RQ11

Product Description

Alternative Shaving Unit (holder) which fits in Philips / Norelco shavers series RQ10, RQ11 & RQ12. Including 3 shaving heads/cutters. Do not mix cutter and do not mix with Philips cutters.

Shaving heads can be replaced with article 4313042456312.

Shaving unit does not fit in RQ1000 or RQ1007 shaver-cleaners

ps. This is not a Philips or Norelco genuine product.


RQ12-packaging-front open-unit RQ10-RQ11-RQ12


Suitable for following models, see below:

RQ 1250 RQ 1251 RQ 1253 RQ 1255 RQ 1257 RQ 1258
RQ 1260 RQ 1265 RQ 1273 RQ 1275 RQ 1280 RQ 1284
RQ 1285 RQ 1286 RQ 1290 RQ 1295 RQ 1296 RQ 1297

RQ 1050 RQ 1051 RQ 1052 RQ 1053 RQ 1060 RQ 1061
RQ 1062 RQ 1075 RQ 1076 RQ 1085 RQ 1087 RQ 1090
RQ 1095

RQ 1131 RQ 1141 RQ 1145 RQ 1150 RQ 1151 RQ 1155
RQ 1160 RQ 1167 RQ 1170 RQ 1175 RQ 1178 RQ 1180
RQ 1185 RQ 1187 RQ 1195 RQ 1197



Replacement/alternative for: HP1915* HQ3 HQ4 HQ5 HQ55 HQ56 HQ6

A-1 oder mit Lift & Cut E-HQ4-HQ56 Lift  cut

Double shaving ring instead of single ring.

Fits In: 
Remington (Izumi) replacement:
IR-1200C, IR-320C

Carrera, Aldi, MAN:
7113911, 7113912, 7113913, 7113914, 7113916, 7113917, 7113918 
7113919, 7113921, 9113911, 9113912

Philips & Norelco:
Replacement for the following replacement-numbers:
HP1915*, HQ3, HQ4, HQ5, HQ55 & HQ6

Below an overview of Philips & Norelco models:
HQ3 Double Action:
HP1328, HP1335, HP1601, HQ3, HQ30, HQ300, HQ302, HQ304, HQ32, 
HQ320, HQ322, HQ340, HQ3405, HQ342, HQ3445, HQ36, HQ360
HQ3604, HQ3605, HQ3610, HQ362, HQ380, HQ3805 HQ3810
HQ382, HQ3825, HQ3830, HQ384, HQ386, HQ3870, HS360
HS702, HS703, HS704, HS708, HS715, HS755, HS765, HS805
HS820, HS825, HS830, HS840, HS850, HS860, HS875, HS895
HS896, HS900, HS925, HS945, HS950, HS955, HS969, HS975, 
HS980, HS920, HS755, HS775,
HQ3/4 Double Action
HQ3870, HQ3865, HQ3845, HQ3605, HQ3445, 
HS980, HS975, HS955, HS950, HS925, HS905
HS900, HS896, HS895, HS875, HS860, HS850
HS840, HS825, HS820, HS805, HS800, HS765
HS755, HS715, HS709, HS708, HS706, HS705
HS704, HS703, HS702, 
HP1700, HP1608, HP1607, HP1606, HP1605
HP1604, HP1602, HP1601, HP1339, HP1338
HP1337, HP1336, HP1335, HP1328, HP1327
HP1319, HP1318 
HQ4 Micro Action
HP1318, HP1319, HP1323, HP1327, HP1328, HP1335, HP1336, HP1337,
HP1338, HP1339, HP1601, HP1602, HP1604, HP1605, HP1606, HP1607, 
HP1608, HP1700, HQ040, HQ3405, HQ3425, HQ3445, HQ3445, HS980, 
HQ3605, HQ3610, HQ3805, HQ3810, HQ382, HQ3825, HQ3830, HQ384, 
HQ3845, HQ3850, HQ3865, HQ3870, HQ4401, HQ4405, HQ4411, HQ442, 
HQ4421, HQ4425, HQ443, HQ4441, HQ4445, HQ4601, HQ4607, HQ4608, 
HQ4625, HQ4630, HQ4800, HQ4805, HQ4806, HQ481, HQ4810, HQ4816, 
HQ4819, HQ482, HQ4821, HQ4825, HQ4826, HQ483, HQ4830, HQ484, 
HQ4845, HQ4846, HQ4847, HQ485, HQ4850, HQ4851, HQ4856, HQ486, 
HQ4861, HQ4865, HQ4866, HQ487, HQ4870, HQ4885, HQ4890, HQ5426, 
HQ5430, HQ5625, HQ5812, HQ5813, HQ5817, HQ5820, HS190, HS260, 
HS360, HS375, HS465, HS470, HS475, HS480, HS485, HS702, HS703, 
HS704, HS705, HS706, HS708, HS709, HS715, HS755, HS765, HS775,
HS800, HS802, HS805, HS820, HS825, HS830, HS840, HS850, HS860, 
HS875, HS885, HS890, HS895, HS896, HS900, HS905, HS915, HS920, 
HS925, HS930, HS945, HS950, HS955, HS965, HS969, HS970, HS975, 
HS980, HS985, HS990, HP1319, HQ5820, HS190, HS704, HS755
HQ5820, HQ5817, HQ5813, HQ5812, HQ5625, HQ5430 
HQ5426, HQ4890, HQ4885, HQ4870, HQ4866, HQ4865 
HQ4861, HQ4856, HQ4851, HQ4850, HQ4847, HQ4846 
HQ4845, HQ4830, HQ4826, HQ4825, HQ4821, HQ4810 
HQ4806, HQ4805, HQ4800, HQ4630, HQ4625, HQ4601 
HQ4445, HQ4441, HQ4425, HQ4421, HQ4411, HQ4405 
HQ4401, HS990, HS985, HS970, HS965, HS930, HS920 
HS915, HS890, HS885, HQ130, HQ40, HQ41, HQ489
HQ402, HQ404, HQ406, HQ420, HQ422, HQ4401, HQ4405, HQ4406
HQ4407, HQ441, HQ4411, HQ442, HQ4421, HQ4425, HQ443, HQ444
HQ4440, HQ4441, HQ4445, HQ448, HQ460, HQ4601, HQ4607, HQ4608
HQ4609, HQ4610, HQ4625, HQ4630, HQ468, HQ4800, HQ4805, HQ4806
HQ4807, HQ481, HQ4810, HQ4819, HQ4821, HQ4822, HQ4825, HQ4826
HQ483, HQ4830, HQ484, HQ4845, HQ4846, HQ4847, HQ485, HQ4850
HQ4851, HQ4856, HQ486, HQ4861, HQ4865, HQ4866, HQ487, HQ4870
HQ488, HQ4885, HQ489, HQ4890, HQ5426, HQ5430, HQ5812, 
HS777, HS885, HS890, HS915, HS920, HS930, HS965, HS970, HS985
HQ802, HQ851, HQ852, HQ853, 
HQ5812, HQ5813, HQ5817, HQ5820,  HQ5823, HQ5824,
HQ6900, HQ6920, HQ6940, HQ6941, HQ6950, HQ6970, HQ6990, 
HQ5 Reflex Action
HQ5890, HQ5885, HQ5870, HQ5866, HQ5865, HQ5861 
HQ5860, HQ5858, HQ5856, HQ5855, HQ5854, HQ5853 
HQ5851, HQ5850, HQ5849, HQ5848, HQ5846, HQ5845 
HQ5841, HQ5830, HQ5826, HQ5825, HQ5821, HQ5816 
HQ5815, HQ5814, HQ5811, HQ5806, HQ5801, HQ5699 
HQ5601, HQ5465, HQ5461, HQ5425, HQ5421, HQ5401 
HQ5401, HQ5421, HQ5425, HQ5461, HQ5465, HQ5601, 
HQ5602, HQ5603, HQ5605, HQ5699, HQ5800, HQ5801, 
HQ5802, HQ5806, HQ5810, HQ5811, HQ5814, HQ5815, 
HQ5816, HQ5818, HQ5819, HQ5821, HQ5825, HQ5826, 
HQ5830, HQ5841, HQ5842, HQ5845, HQ5846, HQ5847, 
HQ5848, HQ5849, HQ5850, HQ5851, HQ5853, HQ5854, 
HQ5855, HQ5856, HQ5860, HQ5861, HQ5865, HQ5866, 
HQ5870, HQ5885, HQ5886, HQ5890, HQ5401
HQ5705, HQ5710
HQ55 Super Reflex Action
HQ6879, HQ6874, HQ6868, HQ6863, HQ6861, HQ6859 
HQ6854, HQ6853, HQ6849, HQ6844, HQ6843, HQ6842 
HQ6831, HQ6695, HQ6675, HQ6645, HQ6640, HQ6616 
HQ6613, HQ6605, HQ6445, HQ6423, HQ6415, HQ6405 
HQ6949, HQ912, HQ914, 912X
HQ6920, HQ6950, HQ6970, HQ6990,
HQ56 Super Lift & Cut Technology
HQ130, HQ132, HQ136, HQ30, HQ33, HQ40, HQ402, HQ404, 
HQ41, HQ42, HQ441, HQ444, HQ46, HQ460, HQ468, HQ481, 
HQ489, HQ5824, HQ6415, HQ6423, HQ6445, HQ6605, HQ6610, 
HQ6613, HQ6646, HQ6675, HQ6676, HQ6695, HQ6696, HQ6831, 
HQ6842, HQ6843, HQ6844, HQ6857, HQ6859, HQ6863, HQ6874, 
HQ6879, HQ6900, HQ6920, HQ6940, HQ6941, HQ6950, HQ6970, 
HQ6990, HQ801, HQ802, HQ805, HQ806, HS190, HQ6946,
HQ6 Quadra Action:
HQ6465 HQ6466 HQ6825 HQ6827 HQ6828 HQ6830 HQ6832 HQ6845 
HQ6846 HQ6847 HQ6848 HQ6850 HQ6851 HQ6852 HQ6865 HQ6867 
HQ6870 HQ6871 HQ6885 HQ6888 HQ6889 HQ6890 HQ6893 HQ6894 
HQ7405 HQ7415 HQ7615 HQ7616 HQ7815 HQ7816 HQ7817 HQ7820 
HQ7821 HQ7825 HQ7830 HQ7845 HQ7850 HQ7865 HQ7868 HQ7870
HQ642  HQ662 HQ663 HQ664 HQ665 HQ671 HQ673 HQ684 HQ686

 Universal Replacement for: HQ8 + HQ9 + HQ177
oder HQ9 Triple, auch für HQ8 of HQ177 HQ9-triple-new

Fits in following models:

Remington (Izumi):
RR-330C, RR-350C

HQ177 Coolskin:
HQ7735 HQ7740 HQ7742 HQ7743 
HQ7780 HQ7782 HQ7760 HQ7762 
7735X 7737X 7775X 7745X, 
HQ8, Dual Precision Heads:
7110X, 7115X, 7125X, 7140XL, 7145XL, 7150X, 7180XL, 7183XL, 7240XL, 
7260XL, 7310XL, 7315XL, 7325XL, 7340XL, 7345XL, 7350XL, 7360XL, 
7380XL, 7800XL, 7810XL, 8831XL, 8845XL, 8846XL, 8867XL, 8881XL, 
8892XL, 8894XL, 
HQ5715, HQ6070, HQ6073, HQ6090, HQ6095, HQ7120, HQ7141, HQ7142, 
HQ7143, HQ7165, HQ7260, HQ7310, HQ7350, HQ7800, HQ8825, HQ8845, 
HQ8865, HQ8875, HQ8885, HQ8893, HQ6075, 8825XL, 8865XL, 8880XL, 
8883XL, 8890XL, 8891XL, HQ7110, HQ7115, HQ7125, HQ7130, HQ7145, 
HQ7150, HQ7159, HQ7183, HQ7190, HQ7241, HQ7250, HQ7280, HQ8831, 
HQ8846, HQ8867, HQ8881, HQ8883, HQ8891, HQ8892, HQ8895
HQ7300, HQ7390, HQ5715, HQ6075, 8825XL, 8865XL, 8883XL, 8890XL, 
8891XL, HQ7110, HQ7115, HQ7125, HQ7130, HQ7145, HQ7150, HQ7159, 
HQ7183, HQ7190, HQ7241,HQ7100, HQ7140, HQ7160, HQ7180, HQ7200, 
HQ7240, HQ7290, HQ7742, 
HQ7760, HQ7762, HQ7780, HQ7782, HQ8445, HQ8830, HQ8850, HQ8870, 
HQ8880, HQ8882, HQ8890, HQ8894, AT750,  AT751,  AT890,  AT891, 
HQ7120, HQ7141, HQ7142, HQ7143, HQ7165, HQ7260, HQ7300, HQ7310, 
HQ7320, HQ7330, HQ7340, HQ7350, HQ7360, HQ7363, HQ7380, HQ7390, 
HQ7890, HQ8825, HQ8845, HQ8865, HQ8875, HQ8885, HQ8893, PT710, 
PT715, PT720, PT725, PT730, PT735, PT736, PT845, PT860, PT866, PT870
HQ7740, HQ8830, 

HQ9, Triple Track heads, Speed-XL:
HQ9140, HQ9160, HQ9170, HQ8141, HQ8155, HQ8172, HQ8173, HQ8200, 
HQ8240, HQ8241, HQ8250, HQ8253, HQ8260, HQ8261, HQ8270, HQ8290, 
HQ9161, HQ9190, HQ9199, PT920
HQ8100, HQ8101, HQ8102, HQ8103, HQ8104, HQ8105, HQ8106, HQ8107, 
HQ8108, HQ8109, HQ8110, HQ8111, HQ8112, HQ8113, HQ8114, HQ8115, 
HQ8116, HQ8117, HQ8118, HQ8119, HQ8120, HQ8121, HQ8122, HQ8123, 
HQ8124, HQ8125, HQ8126, HQ8127, HQ8128, HQ8129, HQ8130, HQ8131, 
HQ8132, HQ8133, HQ8134, HQ8135, HQ8136, HQ8137, HQ8138, HQ8139, 
HQ8140, HQ8141, HQ8142, HQ8143, HQ8144, HQ8145, HQ8146, HQ8147, 
HQ8148, HQ8149, HQ8150, HQ8151, HQ8152, HQ8153, HQ8154, HQ8155, 
HQ8156, HQ8157, HQ8158, HQ8159, HQ8160, HQ8161, HQ8162, HQ8163, 
HQ8164, HQ8165, HQ8166, HQ8167, HQ8168, HQ8169, HQ8170, HQ8170 
C&C, HQ8170 HQ8160, HQ8170/CC, 
PT920, PT920CC, HQ8171, HQ8172, HQ8173, HQ8174, HQ8175, HQ8176, 
HQ8177, HQ8178, HQ8179, HQ8180, HQ8181, HQ8182, HQ8183, HQ8184, 
HQ8185, HQ8186, HQ8187, HQ8188, HQ8189, HQ8190, HQ8191, HQ8192, 
HQ8193, HQ8194, HQ8195, HQ8196, HQ8197, HQ8198, HQ8199, HQ8200, 
HQ8201, HQ8202, HQ8203, HQ8204, HQ8205, HQ8206, HQ8207, HQ8208, 
HQ8209, HQ8210, HQ8211, HQ8212, HQ8213, HQ8214, HQ8215, HQ8216, 
HQ8217, HQ8218, HQ8219, HQ8220, HQ8221, HQ8222, HQ8223, HQ8224, 
HQ8225, HQ8226, HQ8227, HQ8228, HQ8229, HQ8230, HQ8231, HQ8232, 
HQ8233, HQ8234, HQ8235, HQ8236, HQ8237, HQ8238, HQ8239, HQ8240, 
HQ8241, HQ8242, HQ8243, HQ8244, HQ8245, HQ8246, HQ8247, HQ8248, 
HQ8249, HQ8250, HQ8251, HQ8252, HQ8253, HQ8254, HQ8255, HQ8256, 
HQ8257, HQ8258, HQ8259, HQ8260, HQ8261, HQ8262, HQ8263, HQ8264, 
HQ8265, HQ8266, HQ8267, HQ8268, HQ8269, HQ8270, HQ8271, HQ8272, 
HQ8273, HQ8274, HQ8275, HQ8276, HQ8277, HQ8278, HQ8279, HQ8280, 
HQ8281, HQ8282, HQ8283, HQ8284, HQ8285, HQ8286, HQ8287, HQ8288, 
HQ8289, HQ8290, HQ8291, HQ8292, HQ8293, HQ8294, HQ8295, HQ8296, 
HQ8297, HQ8298, HQ8299, HQ9020, HQ9070, HQ9080, HQ9090, HQ9100, 
HQ9101, HQ9102, HQ9103, HQ9104, HQ9105, HQ9106, HQ9107, HQ9108, 
HQ9109, HQ9110, HQ9111, HQ9112, HQ9113, HQ9114, HQ9115, HQ9116, 
HQ9117, HQ9118, HQ9119, HQ9120, HQ9121, HQ9122, HQ9123, HQ9124, 
HQ9125, HQ9126, HQ9127, HQ9128, HQ9129, HQ9130, HQ9131, HQ9132, 
HQ9133, HQ9134, HQ9135, HQ9136, HQ9137, HQ9138, HQ9139, HQ9140, 
HQ9141, HQ9142, HQ9143, HQ9144, HQ9145, HQ9146, HQ9147, HQ9148, 
HQ9149, HQ9150, HQ9151, HQ9152, HQ9153, HQ9154, HQ9155, HQ9156, 
HQ9157, HQ9158, HQ9159, HQ9160, HQ9161, HQ9162, HQ9163, HQ9164, 
HQ9165, HQ9166, HQ9167, HQ9168, HQ9169, HQ9170, HQ9171, HQ9172, 
HQ9173, HQ9174, HQ9175, HQ9176, HQ9177, HQ9178, HQ9179, HQ9180, 
HQ9181, HQ9182, HQ9183, HQ9184, HQ9185, HQ9186, HQ9187, HQ9188, 
HQ9189, HQ9190, HQ9190 C&C, HQ9190 GP, HQ9190/CC, HQ9190CC, 
HQ9191, HQ9192, HQ9193, HQ9194, HQ9195, HQ9196, HQ9197, HQ9198, 
HQ9199, PT900, PT901, PT902, PT903, PT904, PT905, PT906, PT907, 
PT908, PT909, PT910, PT911, PT912, PT913, PT914, PT915, PT916, 
PT917, PT918, PT919, PT920, PT921, PT922, PT923, PT924, PT925, 
PT926, PT927, PT928, PT929, PT930, PT931, PT932, PT933, PT934, 
PT935, PT936, PT937, PT938, PT939, PT940, PT941, PT942, PT943, 
PT944, PT945, PT946, PT947, PT948, PT949, PT950, PT951, PT952, 
PT953, PT954, PT955, PT956, PT957, PT958, PT959, PT960, PT961, 
PT962, PT963, PT964, PT965, PT966, PT967, PT968, PT969, PT970, 
PT971, PT972, PT973, PT974, PT975, PT976, PT977, PT978, PT979, 
PT980, PT981, PT982, PT983, PT984, PT985, PT986, PT987, PT988, 
PT989, PT990, PT991, PT992, PT993, PT994, PT995, PT996, PT997, 
PT998, PT999

HQ167 / HQ156 (HQ167 ist Nachfolger von HQ156), bereits Lieferbar:

Set enthält 3 Scher-köpfe unde messer.

3 header shavers:
HQ5615 HQ5616 HQ5620 HQ5655 HQ5660

HQ6705 HQ6707 HQ6710 HQ6715 HQ6720 HQ6725 HQ6730 HQ6735 
HQ6736 HQ6737 HQ6740 HQ6751 HQ6752 HQ6755 HQ6756 HQ6757 
HQ6760 HQ6761 HQ6762 HQ6763 HQ6764

Norelco numbers:
6701X 6705X 6706X 6709X 6711X 6715X 6735X 6737X 
6755X 6756X 6757X

2 header shavers:
HQ561 HQ562 HQ563 HQ564 HQ671 HQ673

C HQ156-HQ167

HQ2/HP1917 (HQ2 ist Nachfolger HP1917)

Im Entwicklung!

Doppel-Zahn Antrieb.
Lieferung im Set von 3.

HQ20,   HQ22,  HQ26, 
HS100,  HS105, HS106, HS110, HS125, 
HS135,  HS155, HS165, HQ200, HQ201, HQ202, HQ203, HQ220, 
HQ222,  HQ223, HQ240, HQ242, HS250A,HS250B,HS254, HS255A, 
HS255B, HQ262, HQ282, HQ283, HQ284, HS300, HS303, HS305, 
HS308,  HS310, HS315, HS325, HS345, HS350A,HS350s, HS355A, 
HS355B, HS356, HS359, HS536, HS540, HS545, HS550, HS555, 
HS359,  HS655, HS660, HQ660,

HP1220, HP1221, HP1222, HP1223, HP1224, HP1322, HP1616, 
HP1622, HP1622A,HP1622B,HP1622C,HP1623, HP1711, HP1718, 
HP1719, HP1722, HP1722A,HP1723, HP1726, HQ2405, HQ2425, 
HQ2605, HQ2610, HQ2810, HQ2825, HQ2830,


 HP1906, HP1912 & HP1914

 Für die 70er und 80er Rasierer:

HP1906-HP1912 3-header philips shaver HP1126-1975