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If you want to buy our foils & cutters for your Philips shaver then you can buy safe over an AMAZON webshop. We sell in the following countries: UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain, flolow the links in sidebar MENU.
Foils and cutters will also fit in some Remington (Izumi) and Carrera (MAN) models.

Cost of our replacement set for 3 foils and cutters in blister package are including VAT and shipping costs. Your order will be dispatch by normal Post with priority World-wide. Our foils & cutters are made from stainless steel what means that you can wash our shaving head's with cutters under the warm water-tap. Add a drop of oil after cleaning, see also tips & tricks.

Befor you place the new shaving heads:
Clean your shaving head bracket thorouhly under warm water with brush, then add your new shaving heads. Do no not forget to place the retaining plate.

How to order:
- By using one of the Amazon links (we stopped sellkng over this home-page)

Thanks for your prepayment understanding.

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If you still not sure which type to order, send us an email and we will check, what you need!

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 Your purchase order will be delivered within 5 till 8 workings days.