Tips & Tricks

Replacement Shaving-heads SH50, SH70 & SH90:

How to replace these Shaver-Parts shaving-heads?

Click HERE to see instruction-video how to replace our SH50 shaving-heads.

Click HERE to see instruction-video how to replace our SH70 or SH90 shaving-heads.

The SH50 retaining rings are blue, can mounted in one way only.
The SH70 and SH90 retaining rings have orange colour.

NEW: Alternative Stubble Shaving cream for your CoolSkin shaver!

Add a few drops to every shaving-head, actually suitable for all wet shavers.




Shaver Parts foils & cutters needs maybe a little bit more time for a smooth shave.
Tip: It's better to shave after shower! Sometimes your skin will be too red. Your skin
is more sensitive after showering!




coolskinYou can use a few drops of shaving-gel, like cool-skin gel from Philips. Put a
few drops on each shaving-head during shaving for a more smooth shave.
If too dry during shaving after a while, make it wet with water then it will be
smoothly again for shaving. After shaving wash your face with water to remove
This cool-skin gel is suitable for Shaver-Parts foils & cutters.


nivea-energy-gel-ENnivea-balm2-ENUse a man's skin creme after shaving, it gives you chafing skin
a nice feeling if you have shaved to long. Use for instance Nivea
for men, revitalising moisturiser creme Q10 or double action balm.
After using such creme you can/may use an after-shave lotion.
NOTE: Your skin needs habituation of 4-6 weeks, if you change from
shaving method.




Washable Shavers:
You may cleaning your shaver under running warm water-tap.

watertap-symbol This symbol you will find on your shaver.

After drying the foils & cutters, use a drop of common oil on each foil, for instance sewing-machine
oil, it's protect the cutters & foils and reduces noise. With a drop of oil the life-time will be much
NOTE: Shaver-Parts foils and cutters are suitable for cleaning under the tap.

Not washable dry Shavers:

This symbol you can maybe find on your shaver but not on older models!

Do not cleaning dry Shaver under the water-tap, remove shaving unit from shaver, then you may clean the
frame with foils & cutters (from Shaver-Part) under the water-tap only.
The hairchamber from shaver you must clean with the brush added with your shaver.
After cleaning and drying the foils & cutters, you can replace them into shaving-unit.
Place shaving unit on your shaver again.
Use also a drop of oil on the foils & cutters as desribed above.

IMPORTANT to know:
Each foil & cutter set are produced and tuned on each other.
So, don't mix Shaver Parts foils and cutters, this reduces the shaving performance.

Be carefull during cleaning the foils and cutters.