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If you want to buy our foils & cutters for your Philips or Braun shaver then you can buy safe over many Webshops, see list below.
We do not sell at Amazon but on many Webshops such as Fixpart.com.

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UK United Kingdom / England

Our foils & cutters are made from stainless steel what means that you can wash our shaving head's with cutters under the warm water-tap. Add a drop of oil after cleaning, see also tips & tricks.

Befor you place the new shaving heads:
Clean your shaving head bracket thorouhly under warm water with brush, then add your new shaving heads. Do no not forget to place the retaining plate. Do NOT mix with original shaving-heads.

How to order:
- By using one of the Countries above.

If you still not sure which type to order, send us an email and we will check, what you need!

Your purchase order will be delivered by Fixpart in your Country.