Replacement Manual

Replacement Shaving-heads SH50, SH70 & SH90:

How to replace these heads?
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The SH50 retaining rings are blue, can mounted in one way only.
The SH70 and SH90 retaining rings have orange colour.


Check your Shaver and the manual below first before changing your new shaving-heads.

For Your Information:
The newests Philips Shaving-heads HQ6, HQ8 (HQ177) and HQ9 have so called 'WINGS',
which means that the heads can be placed in only one particular way. You can not place
such heads in a wrong way.
It's easy to replace shavinghead from the Philips brand.

Our alternative Shaving-heads HQ6, HQ8 (HQ177) & HQ9 doesn't have such 'WINGS',
which means that in some models for HQ8, the heads needs to be rotated a little during
placing for right positioning, otherwise the heads can be jamming and have no smooth movement.

CLEAN your shaving-heads bracket (holder) thoroughly under warm water with brush first.
After cleaning you may place the 3 new shaving heads with cutter. Do not forget to place-back
the retaining plate.

Additional information how to replace your shaving-heads in your shaver:

Some models need extra attention otherwise the heads will not smooth moving.

At least shaver types from HQ88xx series need this attention and maybe also some
other models but for this moment we don't know exactly.

Possible other series: HQ71xx, HQ72xx, HQ73xx, HQ8445, PT730, PT860, PT870, AT750.

Download your HQ8 manual now by clicking on the link below and check your shaver:

Download HQ8 manual for additional information!

Thanks for your time.

Shaving head standard replacement information:
If you want to replace the shaving head then you have to open the shaving head holder (frame).
After opening you need to remove the retaining-plate. The middle knob you have to turn to the left to open,
then you can lift the retaining plate.
It's also possible to pull-off the shaving-head bracket (holder, frame) first, this will be easier to replace the heads.
For older models ist's normal to remove (lift) the shaving-head bracket (holder).

Below a few samples of different retaining plates:philips-retaining-plates

All these retaining-plates are more a less the same. Turn the middle button to the left for un-lock en
remove the retaining-plate by lifting.
Now you can remove the old foils and cutters and place the new ones.

Below the standard procedure to replace shaving-heads step by step:

Older Philips, Philishave & Norelco models:
3 pronge coupling spindle, driving system.
Some models can have 2 pronge coupling spindle as well.

Older Philips, Philishave & Norelco shavers, the heads are in the retaining plate:
HQ2: 2 pronge coupling spindle but can be 3 pronge coupling spindle as well.